Monday, May 26, 2014

This Project Was My Pride And Joy I Work Long And Hard On This One. It Was Made For My Friend Werner In Germany.  If You Watch The Video You Can See That I Installed An Electric Motor To Turn The Propellar. The Photo Is Of A Post Card Werner Wife My Good Friend Carmen Made And Sent. )))

This One I Kept For Myself. She Is My Hope


This Angel Flying Around In The Heavens

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I had some time this weekend to make a small lady. Lady Bug that is. ))) Has 83 red Triangles, 28 Black Triangels. The legs are made from Pipe cleaners I melted. The face is made from a plastic jewel that is used to make a bracelet.  Anf the eyes are white beeds. I will be making a Tutorial in a couple weeks.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mirmaid She took almost 3,700 Triangels to build


I had mention to Carmen that I always have the ideas flying around in my head. For things I want to create. To my great surprise and pleasure I received this journal in the mail It is very beautiful and the feel of it I cannot discribe. I took photo of it. But of coure I can never take photos. ))) One talent I do not have.  I Post one phto of mine an borrowed to of Carmen's))) Please vist Carmen blog to see the details of this beautiufl journa. Thank you much Carmen. I am already using it. ))) see full detals here.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Tutorial On How To Make A Butterfly. Sorry Origami Friends I Used Some Materials That Are Not Paper. ))
Snoopy Parties

This Little guy Flew All The Way To Canda To My Friend There

One Of The Few I Have Not Given Away It is 5,000 Triangels

This Butterfly Now Sets In Germany with My Son Snoopy

I Am Going To Try And Redo Thease Did Not Come Out As Well As I Wanted

Ture Love

To All That Served

Happy Man He Has Dinner.

Mr. And Mrs Ele

Look My Son Sent Me A Post Card. He Said Werner And Carmen Are Good Parents And He Misses Me.)))

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Looks Angry. Of course All Men Look This Way when Eating. )))

Standing Proud.


We All Chase The Pot Of Gold At the End Of the Rainbow.

Mother Dolphin and Father Dolphin Hearts Are Joined. Baby Dolphin Swims In Their Heart Of Love.

This is My Princess Peacock She Takes About 900 Triangels

I Think He Came From Iceland Where My friend Gummi Lives. )) He Only Takes About 300 Triangels The Smaller One Only Takes 85 Triangels To Make.

My Angry Bird Only Takes About 300 Triangels To Make.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Bright Peacock. Takes about 2500 Triangels


A Little Blue Peacock This Takes About 1100 Triangels to Create.

My freind Heidi Created this It Is Wonderfull I Love The Wood Added To It. Very Nice Work Heidi

One Of My Favorite Swans I Made. Has About 1200 Modules In It.

The Owls Each Have About 700 Modules In Them. Depends On How You Place Them If It Is Short And Fat Or Tall and Thin.)))

I Think Our Monkeys Are hungry. ))

He Loks Hungry... It takes 800 Modules to build.

Who Says Panda Have to Be Black and White. )))